Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Big Halloween, Housewarming, Birthday Bash

Well the preparations started on Friday, both D and I took the day off. I spent most of mine at the shops getting stuff and then popped into M for a cuppa and home to start the soup.

D helped me peel and grate all the vegetables (like a good husband should), then I cooking at about 4, while D put up some decorations. D then picked up Em and of course we did the whole trick or treat thing that you read about in the last post.
So Saturday morning and up with the sparrows, D and M off to dancing and Drama and I started to move furniture and just get things orderly for tonight. Finally at about 6 pm I went up to get dressed, by this time I was already wrecked from all the preparation, convinced Emily not to wear her party dress but to put on the nurses outfit (she looked so cute).
So I opened my bottle of Pink Champagne that Trish had given to me when I left my last job, now order of events the first guests to arrive were, The ice hockey player, prisoner and the 2 schoolgirl FBI agents, next was the Joker & the pirate girl, then the She & He Devil, then the bird watcher and the GO GO couple, and so it went on, it was so great that everyone had gone to so much trouble to get dressed up. However, I must have forgotten to tell Catherine that it was fancy dress, sorry Catherine. Lisa looked lovely in her 1920's outfit.
I spent most of the evening in the kitchen chatting and baking pizza, but it was fun - Siobhan arrived dressed up as a Devil witch and I did not even recognise her when she came through the door, so it was decided that she got the prize for being the least recognisable person at the party, you will have to come and fetch your champagne Siobhan.
Eventually Bob,who looked like a very convincing Pete Docherty Cormac, Vera & Declan arrived by this time I had already had to much champagne, Bob spent the evening scaring the bejaysus out of the poor kids, but they kept coming back for more. I thought the kids would probably just spend the evening watching DVD's in our bedroom, but they had more fun than the adults. The state of the house the next day would prove it.
By about 12:30 everyone started to leave except for the die hards, I remember that most of my South African friends had left by about 1:30 and at 2:00 in the morning the Irish fellas were outside round the fire singing "NEIGHBOURS" on the top of the voice, Tam had the good sense to call two cabs and get everyone out the house, thanks Tam.
Well Sunday morning we woke or should say were woken by Emily at 9:00 am, by the way she passed out at 12, so we crawled down stairs nursing the hangover and started to clean, wash and do everything, it took D and I 6 hours to clean the house!!! But well worth it, we won't be having a bash like that for a long time to come.
Thanks everyone for all the gifts, I think we have enough wine to last us for at least a year! Till next time goodbye.

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