Friday, November 7, 2008

Sorry Mam ...

For every little thing that I did or said wrong, for not listening to you when I know you knew best, I'm sorry. I always remember my friends mom asking me how she was getting on with her teenage girls (she had moved away from home), and I told her that they were giving her a really hard time, expecting her to be worried or offer some soundly advice and all she said was: "GOOD, now she can have some of her own medicine back!"

Wow, if this is what Em is like at 5, I don't want to be around when she is 15 - because I remember giving my mother a hard time when I was a teenager and it is all going to come back to me, but I don't remember giving her a hard time when I was 5, so why oh why am I having to deal with this. Is it our own fault! It really is hard being a mum, but I guess this is what life is all about and if she wasn't around life would be pretty boring ... or no wait it would be wonderful, we could travel, we could blah, blah, blah! *weep* *sigh*

So to my mother, who is hopefully up in heaven and not laughing at me, I am really sorry if I gave you such a hard time when I was growing up, if I promise to make it up to you one day do you think you could turn on a good button for Em or something please!

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