Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Baby ...

Well there was great excitement today, Eugenie phoned me up and said lets take the kids to see Santa at Dundrum after school, so we met up at the school and it was decided that we would not say anything to the kids until they were safely in our cars, otherwise they would get too excited.

So only when we turned left down churchtown road instead of right, did Em actually say to me, Mommy are we going to Dundrum and I said Maybe! Then we turned right into the road to Dundrum and into the parking and Emily said, Mommy is that Maya in the car in front of us, so then I just told her, yes it's Maya and we're taking you to see Santa.

Well the screaming and excitement, I nearly had an accident.

The queue was long getting to see Santa, but we finally did, then went for coffee & Ice creams.

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