Friday, June 12, 2009

Impromptu Play date

The last couple of months just seem to have been a roller coaster, so many things have happened it is just so difficult to comprehend it all. Usually all my afternoons are planned right down to the Milli-second, so on Friday when I was waiting for Em after school and one of her class mates asked me "Rose, would you and Em like to come home with us and see my moms newly decorated kitchen." My first thought would have been to say No, and rush off home, but I said why not, they only lived round the corner from the school.

So Em and her friend got on her mom's bicycle and she pushed them home, and I met them there. The house is on a road that I travel practically every day of my life, opposite office buildings and pubs, a place you would not really expect to see houses. The front of the house was quite small and insignificant a really old cottage type house, which was probably built over a hundred years ago.
The inside of the house has obviously been modernised and has a huge open plan lounge, dining room and kitchen, but the nicest thing about the house is that the back porch, backs right onto the Royal Canal. It's almost like a holiday home - wow!!!

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