Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Terri just reminded me that I need to get something to wear for the wedding, what an excuse to go out and buy something nice and the problem is the wedding is in 3 weeks time, which doesn't really give me much time to find something.

Tomorrow I am having dinner with all my Irish mates in town and then meeting up with some other Irish mates later, and guess what by next Thursday I will be Irish too ... but that is a whole new long post that I will get round to once all the formalities are over.

Now where to start ????


Terri said...

hehehe... my husband always laughs at me 'cos the first thing I say whenever I hear we're going anywhere is, "Now I wonder what I'll wear..?"

And on the other thing, can I wish you a premature congratulations? :-)

Rose said...

You can thank you Terri, it was such a huge stress in my life that mainly started in April, but by next Thursday it will hopefully all be over and then I will blog all about it. Enjoy your day and thanks so much for all your comments it really means so much to me. By the way nick all you want, I am still waiting for someone to sue me for copyright over something I have on my blog and then I will really have to press that delete button! ;)