Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog update

I should blog, yes I know I should blog, yes I know I should really write something constructive, but well all I can do is tell you about my life.  So where did I get to "Halloween", it was hubby's birthday the day before and I really should have organised something nice, what a bad wife I am but I will make up for it sometime.  Oh yes I made pumpkin soup with the insides of the jack o lantern, which reminds me is not vrotting in the lounge, better go and get rid of it, it already has about 10 species of fungi on it.

So Sunday I invited a few friends round for Birthday tea & cake it was all very civilized as most of my friends now have babies, Carla & Joe were there with Xavier and Kelly & Charl with baby Pierre who is like a junior version of Charl.  Granny Yvonne & Grandpa Bob and Malcolm.  The boys are all going to the rugby on the 15th and 28th of November, so it was good for them to see each other before then. 

Then the week started, I spent Mon - Wed at Temple street doing UAT and ended up being there till after 5 on Wednesday, luckily I arranged to put Emily into after school care, then yesterday and today back in Bray, next week Em will be at the after care on Monday again as I have meetings all afternoon in Bray, and then we will see how the rest of the week goes.  I was rather exhausted after the last 2 weeks as I am not used to working a full day and it feels like I am back in the rat race, by yesterday I already thought it was Friday but no such luck ... and to top it all they showed me how I can sign on to the system from home and do some work from home ... "If I want", but necessary to check my work email as the develepors send out emails on Saturday and Sunday night and expect me to know what they sent on Monday morning when I am at a client and not in the office ... okay so I am having a good old moan here, but what the hell.

Party season has started, everyone gearing up for their Christmas parties, the company I am with had their Christmas dinner in Florence, Italy last year and not sure where they are having it this year or if I will be invited seeing as I am only there for a short time, it would be nice though.  They did say that it was about an hour and a half from Dublin, now whether that is driving or flying I have no idea.  But I guess if it is anywhere in Europe I won't be able to go anyway!  Damned Green Mamaba.

Well I think that is about all my news, nothing exciting to report!

How do you like the photo D took of the full moon - pretty cool huh!

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