Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well the old year ended with it starting to snow probably about an hour or so before midnight, I am not quite sure when, I just remember Lisa going out for a smoke and saying it was snowing - however to me this did not mean much because it had been trying to snow for the past couple of weeks but we just ended up with bitterly cold days and no snow.  But I looked out and at least 6 cm's had fallen already and it was quite thick on top of the ground and the garden table.

I had watched the 7 o'clock news the previous day and seen the snow in the rest of the country and for once I was not envious that we did not have any, mainly because it started snowing in the UK about a week or two before Christmas and places like Scotland were experiencing -14 degrees and up.  In the west of Ireland some homes pipes had burst and some people had not had electricity or water for days.  So I was quite happy being huddled up in my house with my heating and lots of hot water, not having to worry about going out. 

Then it snowed, it probably didn't snow for long, but what there is has stayed because it is just far too cold to melt.  The roads are like ice-rinks, D helped an elderly man from 3 houses up get his car into his driveway, because he just couldn't get it up the road.  Today we went off to Dundrum to see Planet51 again this time with D and Lisa and we had to travel at about 20 km's an hour and the roads were slippy.  However later it seemed to have melted a bit on the main roads but the side roads were still very icy.

Let's just hope it all melts and the roads go back to normal by Monday.  Here are some of our photos - Also Owen H. took some brilliant photos which you can see here:


OwenHiggins said...

What a lovely day captured in technicolour dream coat.

Really hope the new year brings you and yours a bright and happy time.

The evenings are getting longer.



Rose said...

Thanks Owen, D has been out practising with his new camera and I just shoot and whatever comes out good is good.

Peace brother ;)