Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day ...

Well what a week, busy busy busy ... Monday I stopped in at Carla to drop off a snow suit for Xavier, then Tuesday I had to get passport photos done, pick up Em from Swimming and go off to the Garda station to get my passport application and photos signed by a Garda, then Wednesday off to the passport office, then picked up Mercia from her hotel and we went shopping in Dundrum, lunch at Siam Thai and then rushed off to pick Em up from School and back to the hotel for coffee and only got home at 5:30pm. Friday Em and I went to Mercia's hotel and Em swam, then we went down to the Vertigo bar for a drink and waited for D. M & P are heading off for a jaunt around Ireland so we said our good-byes and headed home, bunged a quick pizza in the oven for D & Em and I settled for Salad. 

By Saturday when I sat down to watch the rugby, I was so exhausted I fell asleep during the Ireland / France match. 

Today was valentines day, and Emily was just so hyped up about it being Valentines day, she made sure that her dad bought me Roses which were really beautiful, and she asked Granny Yvonne to buy me a present too.  She is so cute at the moment, anyway I booked tickets for The princess and the frog, which was a perfect movie for Valentines day a Disney Love story.  Met Mandy, Lisa and the kids and then we all went off to watch the show, after the show we made our way to Granny Yvonne and Grandpa Bob for Lunch, which was awesome and then home to all the chores.
What a week ...

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