Monday, May 10, 2010

Awesome Week-end

So we never quite had the temperature, but none the less the weather was sunny and we had Lynn over from the UK for the week-end, so it was a bit of a deviation from the normal week-end.  Lynn arrived on Friday afternoon and D fetched her from the airport, we thought at one stage she wasn't going to make it due to the ash cloud but she did.

So after a quick dinner at home, we headed off to the O2 to see KISS, I wasn't really looking forward to the concert, but I think I had built myself up to it and it was nice to get out.  Outside the O2 girls and guys were getting their faces painted, and inside the O2 a few guys had the full KISS costumes on, one so convincing he looked like Gene Simmons.  The concert was really good and the pyrotechnics were awesome.  And of course the music, guitars and Drums really good.

Saturday we picked up Em and then headed to the park, had lunch, waited for Em while she did her dress rehearsal and then went home and just chilled.  Sunday we took it easy, had a big breakfast and then headed up to the hills for a drive and then all to soon it was time for Lynn to get her flight back.  The end of a really nice week-end.

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