Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday my Dearest Em

Wow my little angel turned 7 today, can't believe we have got this far.  It's sad to think that we have done it without our dearest friends and family, but hey we have done it and the good thing is Em you don't miss what you never had, so although it would be great to have all your family I guess we are family, just the three of us.

You really are a special girl, no matter what anyone thinks about you, if they say your are spoilt or bossy - they are just traits that you will learn to manage.  What I love about you most is how even when I shout at you, you tell me how much you love me, and you leave me little notes around the house saying how much you love me.  I guess we have spoilt you a bit, but I guess that is what happens when you are an only child and you have no other family around.

Your teachers are always saying how kind and generous you are, and if anyone is upset or crying you are the first person to show concern and go and give a hug.  You are always giving away your stuff, I think something we both inherited from my mother, your granny who is in heaven now - oh how I wish that she could have met you.

What really tears me apart is that I have to go back to work next week and I am not going to spend that precious little time we had in the afternoon with you, but I guess now I will appreciate every second I have to spend with you!  I love you so much and want to wish you the Best birthday ever!!!


Monsoon said...

Oh Rose! I am in tears. what a beautiful post. Really, tears are literally running down my cheeks. I love the way you love her, and she you. What love you have between you. I am sure she isn't as spoilt as some might say. A really spoilt child would NEVER share that way, never be generous that way, and wouldn't normally be as considerate. Because if you are truly spoilt you are used to getting things your way, and you learn "not to care abut others, because I am the only one who matters". Clearly Emily is not like that. I hope she will have a most lovely and terrific day!! Of course your mum knows how lovely a child you have. At least I believe that. She keeps an eye on you :-)

Much love

Rose said...

Hi Eilen, Thanks for your message, I was actually in tears when I wrote it, it was one of my "down" mornings where I was missing all those I love, but being grateful for the precious gift I have - thanks for your lovely message.