Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today ...

Today was dragging so badly that I decided to note things that happened in my day of any significance and blog about them this evening.

08:30  Firstly my day started off by me flying into work on the M50 doing 120 in a 100 zone, when some idiot cut in front of me who was only doing 100, so I swore at him and flashed my lights brightly - I mean really what idiot does that kind of thing, so as I always do when I eventually get past that person I glare at them, except this time as I was passing I recognised the Rumpelstiltskin red beard.  Oh, oh thank goodness he did not look back, so eyes in front I continued to speed off.  I mean, how was I supposed to know it was my boss, firstly he was not driving his own car but an old banger!  I got to work and 10 minutes later he arrived, not knowing whether he had seen me or not, I thought I had better say something and make light of the situation ... so I proceeded to say, do you like cutting in front of me on the highway, he had NO idea what I was talking about so explained what happened and we both had a good laugh.    But later just before going home time, the director was sitting near my desk and they were talking about the old banger my boss was driving and what had happened to his car and he proceeds to tell the director how I was throwing zap signs at him while I was overtaking him - lol :) gross exaggeration and of course I said now I didn't all i did was flash you, well I should have just kept quiet!

10:30  Looked at my clock on my PC and could not believe I had only been working for an hour and a half, surely 4 hours should have past already.

10:35 Email Dianne and tell her the day is dragging ... I know she sits next to me but there is a partition between us, and there are somethings you just don't want other people to hear.

11:15  Time for a 2nd cappuccino just to waste some time.

12:00  Got irritated again, why do people who sit one desk away from each other phone each other?  I mean I can hear both sides of the conversation, surely they could just get up and walk over to that persons desk??? Can't believe it!  If you don't want people to know you are talking to each other then email each other!

12:56  Only 4 minutes to go before going to lunch with Dianne

13:00  Quickest time I have ever got out of the office at lunch time, jump in Dianne's car and off we go.

13:05  Dianne decides to take the scenic route thereby losing valuable time, but hey what do I know - not my turf.

13:15  Park the car and walk over to the Martello Bar opposite the beach front in Bray - how stunning, sitting outside and it is hot, very very hot.  Order a quick panini and diet coke.

13:30  Food Arrives, have a natter and enjoy food ... gossip about work

13:55  Got to rush back to work, leave the stunning scenery and return to the salt mine.

14:05  Walk back into work, oh dear 5 minutes late and everyone is dead quiet working away, hope no one noticed but just get down to work.

14:15  It's damn hot in the office but noone seems to notice

14:30  Boss comes over to explain something on the system to me.

14:45  Boss says it's hot and proceeds to go and put the air conditioner on higher - thank you Boss, here I am thinking I am having menopause!

15:00  Boss says he has to go and get his car and will see me later.

15:15  Oskar phones, now Oskar is the spanish dude who is a taller version of Manuel from Fawlty towers, werid how he works for the company yet lives in Spain, near Balboa and yet his on the same switchboard,  the technology of today is just marvelous.  So O phones re a bug I registered on fogbugz and wants me to run a script on the sql database, but O speaks with a "Manuel" accent so I have to listen very carefully.  Thank goodness I am always trying to mock accents (not really) so I soon realise that ggg say it like in Afrikaans ggghhh that hard German way, but with a softer tone Ghappy is an "h" or you ggghappy (happy).   Praaaawns are programs, check the praaaawns to see if they are working.  Boooootin is the button so if you click on the boootin the praaawn for the recruitment system on vucansees (vacancies) it should work and you will be ghappy, because ghopefully that will work!!!  Yes it does okay Oskar even though you can't pronounce half the stuff I understood you!

15:30  Another cappuccino - laugh to myself about O and tell someone about my conversation.

16:00  Tested stuff the boss asked me to test and while check my hotmail, boss has come back and sneaked up on me to find out how it is going .... F *&ck need to get a desk at the back!  So fumble over everything, but I actually found a bug that nobody else had, show this to the boss and he is quite impressed, u see you didn't hire me for my looks only!

16:30 How much longer can this day actually go on .... drag drag drag drag

17:30 YAY going home, in the car and off we go - lot more traffic tonight than normal - Highlight of the day, lunch on Bray beach.

17:55  Take the off ramp - loads of traffic, those stupid traffic people have changed the sequence of the robots (traffic lights) and now we are inching forward.

18:10  Eventually pull into the driveway at home, greeted at the door by daughter and hubby to hear all the days antics - D had the day off because Emily finished school for the next 9 weeks!!!

18:15 - 22:00  Skyped in-laws, had dinner, put Em to bed, read her a story from "I Carley" ...

22:26  Finishing this post and going to bed ... G'night!

Bray Beach Front
Martello Bar

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