Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Best Present Ever

This winter I have been feeling a lot colder than normal, and for the last 10 years I have been threatening to get an electric blanket.  So last Thursday I emailed hubby at work and asked him please to go and purchase one, sent him the link and everything, but of course he had already taken his lunch and couldn't go out again, but Friday I reminded him again and lone behold he brought home my New "Monogram Tranquility fitted blanket", he even put it on the bed before going out in the elements.  So of course Em and I climbed into the nice warm bed, I was still going to go down after she fell asleep and do some stuff on the computer, but after being in that nice warm bed, nothing was going to get me out.

Then of course it started snowing on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and the temperatures have been sub zero for a while, but having my new blanket has made all the difference and even hubby is enjoying climbing into a nice warm bed.  Guess we will have to re-evaluate how often it comes on once the electricity bill comes.

When I tell everyone here about my blanket, they just can't believe it is the first time we have purchased one and we have been here now for our 10th Winter.

Now do they make electric pillow warmers and electric toilet seat warmers?

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