Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello Christmas where did you spring from?

I haven't had the inclination to write a post lately, probably just too much happening around me and I have not got myself prepared for Christmas at all.  As you know we were snowed in last week and the ice has still not melted, you see we live in a party of the city where we seem to be a bit higher up than everyone else and if you go 10 minutes up the road, there is still 2 feet of snow and ice and the temperature also drops by at least 5 degrees.  Anyway the snow has made people angry and drive like idiots and just generally bring out the worst in everyone.

Because I work from 9:00 to 17:30 all I want is to get to work safely with out skidding on black ice or snow and get home safely, so hence have not been to the shops, and now am becoming desperate.  The house looked like a tip as well from all the snow being sludged through the house, but thank you God for my Angel Inga who visits me once a month and waves her magic wand and everything is clean again.  I think I would rather give up food than give up Inga!  Talking of which, Christmas again, because the house was so nice and bright and clean on Friday when I got home, and the neighbors had put out their 6 foot Santa and snowman on the roof and lit up the entrance to their drive with a million little Christmas lights, I thought it best to get into the swing of things.  So once I had picked up Em and made us eggs on toast for dinner, we put up the Christmas tree.  I was all done by 9 o'clock last night and just the tinsel, lights and of course the stairway banister to be done, which I leave to the expert of the house.  He went to his Christmas party last night while I was in bed early because I had to work today, well I think I broke all speed limits getting to work - I had to be there by 10, left here @ 9:43 and clocked in 28km's later at 10:01 let's hope there are no speed cameras down the M50.

Okay so getting back to food, I am trying to decide what my Christmas Dinner (Lunch) is going to consist of  and I have decided to try totally different things this year.  Tell me what you think of the menu:


Prawn Cocktail

Main Course

Baked Ham 
(Honey & Mustard side sauce)
Roast Chicken with Thyme and herbs and Gravy
Cauliflower & Broccoli with Cheese Sauce
Honey Roast Carrots and parsnips
Brussels Sprouts 
Roasted Vegetable Medley
Mashed Potatoes 


Chocolate Mousse
Ice - Cream
Chocolate Fountain with Fresh fruits, biscuits & Marshmallows for dipping


Kahlua Coffees
Home Made Christmas Cake

What do you think?  Too much or just too many different varieties? 12 Days ... I have to get my pressies done soon!!!!

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