Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Last day in SFO

Tuesday 09/04

Pretty much uneventful day today, the girls took me for lunch to a Japanese restaurant, then K gave me a lift through to Millbrae at 4 o'clock, but not before all the good byes and hugs from my team and from Sri.  I miss them already, but I want to get home to see my family, miss them so much!

Driving to Millbrae, we had to take the San Jose / San Mateo bridge, the fog had come down behind the sky scrapers in San Francisco and the view was awesome, like a fog blanket over the city - it was also weird driving on a motorway that crosses the ocean.

What I could not get over was the amount of traffic, even though each morning I had watched the traffic report on TV which starts at 4:30 a.m. at 5:30 a.m. this morning there was already a huge traffic jam on the Interstate 680 which was due to a CHP being shot by a motorist today - lots of shootings in SFO.

So K dropped me at my hotel and I basically just lazed about and then decided to go and get some dinner from the Mexican place across the road, I didn't realise it was a fast food - The Chipotle Grill and of course having no experience at ordering mexican, I really mad a twat of myself, but managed to get something to eat at the end of it.

And now I am back here thinking that I had better get some sleep because I need to be up before 3 a.m. so good night everyone and goodbye SFO ... I will be back to this wonderful city! 

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