Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Big Brother

I meant to blog about this over the week-end and forgot.  When D's nephew arrived at Dublin Airport last week for his 4 nights, he had to go through the Non-EU passport control, due to his SA passport and of course they asked him all kinds of Questions.

Passport Control:    "Who you coming to visit?"
Bran:                      "My Aunt and Uncle"
Passport Control:    "What are their names?"
Bran:                      "D & R Surname"
Passport Control (Turning the computer screen towards Bran):  "Is this your Uncle?"  (shows photograph of D) then pulls up another and says "Is this your Aunt?" (shows photograph of moi)
Passport Control:    "What is their address?"
Bran:                       " I don't know, somewhere in Dublin, they are picking me up"
Passport Control:    "Well this is their address and rattles off our exact address"

Kind of Freaky, I bet they don't do that to people who were born and bred in the country .... 

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