Saturday, July 27, 2013


Things I have noticed about Budapest - and the I am not insulting anyone here, just my observations:

  • The public Transport system seems to work really well and can probably give London a run for their money.
  • Pedestrian lights are timed, no buttons to press.
  • Metro workers are quite militant and there is no room for error, we got off 2 stops too late and had to pay to go back.
  • Majority of Hungarian people are really friendly.
  • Most young Hungarians can speak English
  • Budapest is a very sophisticated city with beautiful old baroque buildings, probably more than any other big European city that I have been to.
  • Vibrant City, with a great night life
  • The city never sleeps
  • Lots of beggars but they hardly ever approach you
  • A lot of grey apartment blocks outside the city, left over from the Communist occupation
  • Bottled water is Cheap, a 500ml is no more than 40c at the Spar
  • Cigarettes are Cheap about €3.80 compared to €9.80 in Ireland - Derrick is in his element
  • The Stall guys near the metro don't haggle you, if you don't want to pay that price then don't buy it.
  • Too many beggars rummaging through the dustbins ... so sad

To be continued ...

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