Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Farewell Lauren Bacall

So another Hollywood legend passed away yesterday 12th of August 2014, I was wondering if heaven was short on Hollywood stars, first Robin Williams on the 11th of August and now Lauren Bacall.  
Most young people today would have no clue who Lauren Bacall is but I guess because she was born in the same year as my mom and would have been one of my mom's favorite actresses, I do know who she is. 
Lauren was married to another of Hollywood's famous legends "Humphrey Bogart" but who sadly passed away from throat cancer in 1957.   He was aged 57 when he died, and now 57 years later Lauren just short of her 90th birthday has departed this world.  I guess the great thing about being a Hollywood star is that you will more than likely always be remembered even 57 years from now.
What a sad week this is.  

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