Friday, August 22, 2014

What's with the Beards Lads?

It seems to have been going on for the past year now, the more facial hair the better.  Although I don't like a man with a beard, it seems to be growing on me ... lol, no not literally! 

I remember seeing photo's of guys in the 60's and 70's with beards it was the hippy era - but then it went away and only guys with skin disorders seem to grow beards, or old men who wanted to look like Santa.

Now days every one is doing it, and I must admit a ginger bearded man seems to be so much more sexier than just a man with ginger hair, is it just me that thinks so?

I first met a ginger bearded man when I worked for my first software company in Ireland and he took it to extreme's, I used to think of him as Rumplestiltskin and I think I blogged about him before.   This was back in 2010, and he looked like something out of ZZ Top.

The beards these days tend to be neater - so why are men doing it, do they want to look older?  Are they just following a trend? Maybe you are a man with a beard reading this and can comment, I would love to know.

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