Friday, April 3, 2015

Thursday .... still Paris and sore feet

So we left the apartment rather later than normal - I was intending to visit our Paris office after a visit to the Louvre, however after Skyping J-C he said it's better for us to come early.  So off we went to the Metro 9 and out at Rooseveldt Franklin Station where we came out at the Champs Elysees right by the Disney Store and the Citroen shop and our office is literally round the corner.

It was so nice to meet the guys that I work with and Nicolas who I had not seen since we attended a training course together in London in 2013.  After a coffee and a chat we headed over to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa.

I was really disappointed not so much with the fact that the Mona Lisa is not very big, but the fact that the Louvre do not have any organization, they should have a roped off area where everyone can file past, but it was just total Chaos, I thought I was at a Rock Concert with everyone trying to get to the front to see the artist. 

And of course they have put The Mona Lisa behind glass because everyone just ignores the rules regarding flash photography.  There is so much to see in the Louvre, we really only touched on it and saw the Spanish and Italian section and a few statues.  And of course we went upstairs and the rains came down, so we headed over to my favourite lunch place "Pret-a-manger" for a prawn and crayfish sandwich and a cappuccino.  At least you can get away having a really good lunch with soft drinks, coffee and sandwiches, including crisps and apple for €20.00 and everything is really fresh.


After lunch we head over to Lafayette to see the inside of the shop, wow is all I can say, I will post photographs here later.   It looked like a theatre inside, really really awesome and of course every known designer brand and perfumery you can think of, and the prices ..... well we won't go there!  We headed up to the top floor (8th), to see the view but because of the rain we could barely make out the Eiffel tower through the clouds.

We then headed back to the apartment for a rest as it was going to be a late night, but did not have too much of a rest.

Judging from the Queue for personal shopping at "Chanel" in Lafayette, the Chinese have all the disposable income as there was no one else in the queues except them.

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