Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Driving in Dublin

If there is one thing you should know about the inner city and suburbs of Dublin, is that majority of roads are all single lane, so you are going nowhere in a hurry!!!

It's Single lanes, with a cycle lane to the left - Cyclist are a law unto themselves, but then again so are pedestrians and Motor Cycles - oh and then there are the buses and taxi's.

Let's first talk about Cyclists!!!

So in the last 3 - 4 years, cycling has become more and more popular with people choosing this mode of transport to get to work and back.  There is the considerate law abiding cyclist (that are few and far between), they wear the high viz jackets, stop at every Red traffic light, look back to see if there are on coming cars before overtaking another cyclist.    Then there are those that just don't do any of these things, and think they are invinsible because they know that if they get knocked over, it is always the drivers (motorcar) fault.   Oh and don't get me started on the recreational cyclists who ride 1, 2, 3 or sometimes even 4 a breast.

Then there are the Motor Bikes

Majority of these are very good at sticking to the rules of the road, however there are those Novice drivers who insist on driving in the cycle lane??????   Do they not know there is a reason it is called a cycle lane ... what is with that?


Oh lordy lordy where do we begin, there is obviously no law against jaywalkers, I remember being in Pleasanton in California a few years back, and jaywalking is totally illegal, pedestrians are scared of the cops and just DO NOT jaywalk.  Well Dublin, Ireland - firstly no-one is scared of the cops, secondly it's very hard to find a cop at all. (But that is a whole othe post).

 Pedestrians know they have "right-of-way", so if you knock over a pedestrian be prepared to go to court, because they will sue you, no matter if they were wrong in the first place!

I just found this on the Internet :  “Ireland actually has a ‘jay-walking’ law, even if hardly anyone knows it is there and enforcement is unheard of.” Says Director of Consumer Affairs Conor Faughnan. “If you are within 50 metres of a pedestrian crossing then you must use that crossing to cross the road. Theoretically. In reality anyone who has ever been a pedestrian in an Irish town will tell you that the rules are completely ignored. Tourists often think we are insane and they may be right as our behaviour crossing road is dangerous.” 

Some days you will find 50 pedestrians jaywalking at one time in all different directions, especially around St. Patricks Cathedral!


Well they just think they own the road and can pull out at anytime, I must say they are not as bad as cyclist, motor bikers and pedestrians or even taxi's, and after all they are providing a service for the public, those that don't drive or cycle.


Again a law unto themselves, they are allowed to use the bus lanes and ALWAYS do, they wizz past traffic using the bus lane and then just push into the traffic, where and when they feel like it.  They stop at anytime and anywhere and don't give a hoot if they are creating a traffic jam!

The Horse and Carraige

These can be found all over Dublin City Centre and especially rond the tourist attractions.  I don't mind them so much because I think they are a novalty, however they also cause traffic jams and don't give a damn about anyone else.


I almost forgot about the runners, who think they are doing a marathon on a daily basis, but then again most of them are not too bad!

So if you are new to Dublin or a tourist, honestly don't drive in the City centre it can be very frustrating!


David Haigh Associates said...

Hi Rozi
Do you want to link to my Blog about the communal house scene in Johannesburg between 1975 and 1978?
It would be nice to do so from your Blog "It's My Life" since I read a very interesting article about people's memories about growing up there in the 1970's.
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Good luck

Anonymous said...

Hie Rosie
Are there any South African trained nurses in Ireland? May u plzzz hook me up. I'm thinking of registering with the Irish nurses board but would like to know first if it is possible and how life as a nurse in Ireland is.

Thank you.


Rozi from Jozi said...

Hi Audrey,

There are 2 Facebook pages, "South Africans in Dublin" and "South Africans in Ireland" - there are loads of South African Nurses in Ireland but I don't know any, you could post your question on these pages I am sure you will get a lot of response.


Anja Steyn said...

Hi Rozie,

I have really enjoyed reading your blog!

My my husband and I would love nothing more than to move ourselves and our two young children to Ireland. We're just not sure where to start...

We've been applying to jobs like crazy but have no success as yet. We are planning on packing up and just going and hoping for the best once there.

Do you have any information that could help us with this process? We both only have SA passports with no ancestry so we'll need to rely solely on receiving a job offer. I'd appreciate if you could pop me a mail with any info / contacts you might have.

We're just praying for an opportunity!


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