Saturday, October 4, 2008

Book Cases

We moved into the house about 3 months ago now and still I had boxes to unpack but nowhere to put the stuff and you'd think that with all the cupboard space in our house there would be space. One thing that got to me as well was that all my books where tucked away on shelves in the cupboard and one thing I like is having books on display, for me - so I know where to find things and they are easily accessible.

For the last 6 months I have been scouting for book cases and could just not find anything that I liked anywhere, I even looked at web sites in the UK, but nada ... so just on the off chance I searched for a carpenter and found this website:

Turned out the carpenter Steve lived just down the road, he came to get measurements for a quote round the 16th of September and on Saturday he fitted the book case. It needs a varnish, but I decided that my books were in more need of a home first, varnish can be done later. But I am so impressed and now my study / office, really does look like a study / office.

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