Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brrrrr... who left the freezer door open?

Oh my word, it isn't funny, what happened to Autumn and the beautiful weather we had last year from October to December, somebody decided that we need an early winter and my goodness we are getting it. It seemed to start yesterday afternoon when it suddenly got icy cold, then last night was freezing, this morning too and lots of frost on the car, although by the time I left it had melted (thank goodness the clocks were turned back an hour). Walking to and from work today, the wind coming off the Liffey was ice cold and I swear it was about ZERO degrees, driving home my car did not go much above 6 degrees, so tell me if this is Autumn I really don't want to stay for winter! The weatherman said we may have sleet and snow over the next few days, come on guys!!!


Natalie said...

Yep the weather is absolutley revoltingly cold!!! last winter was so mild compared to this. Sorry about not linking your enw blog sooner...it is sorted now!!!

Terri said...

Ja you must know how much fun it was riding to work on a motorcycle this week.