Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Magic Flute

D mentioned that there was a South African group doing a show called "The magic flute" I had no idea what it was about, but we decided to book anyway.

Em now does Ballet and Drama on a Saturday morning, so while D took her down to the Docklands for her sessions, I did the normal household routine (and moaned and b*tched while I did it). D & Em eventually got home just after 1 so we jumped in the car and headed to the LUAS station in Milltown, jumped on the LUAS and headed into St. Stephens Green.

We got there with plenty of time to spare so D and I managed grab a sandwich and a cup of coffee. I always pack a lunch for Em when she goes to Ballet 'cause I always think she will be hungry after the exercise.

We got into the theatre and had really nice seats (but we moved - don't ask).

Now to show you how uncultured I am, the magic flute which I thought would be penny whistlers from Africa, is actually an Opera written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The version that was on at the Gaiety was performed by South African performers and had an African touch to it, it brought a tear to my eye. Even Em said she really enjoyed it, even though she could not sit still for the last half.

It really was fantastic, very ethnic and absolutely worthwhile seeing. Especially when some of the songs have Xhosa clicks sung in opera style. I was impressed and I was a little homesick and very proud that South Africa are really producing world class shows. Well done south Africa! It is really worth seeing if it is in your area. Oh yes and my mother would have been proud to know that I sat through a whole opera without falling asleep!

Next week week we are off to the ballet to see Swan Lake and we have a box!

Here is a write up about the show:

Words and Music Mandisi Dyantyis, Mbali Kgosidintsi, Pauline Malefane and Nolufefe Mtshabe Lighting Designer Mannie Manim
Choreographer Lungelo Ngamlana
Costume Designer Leigh Bishop
Technical Designer Dan Watkins

This life-enhancing, joyous production is the greatest piece of music theatre performed as you've never heard it before -the South African way.

Effortlessly relocating Mozart's magical and mysterious kingdom to colourful, contemporary South Africa, The Magic Flute is a story about the trials of life: growing up, finding the love of your life, learning to be wise. It's adventure, fairy story, comedy and drama, gloriously played on African instruments.

Winner of the Laurence Olivier Award (2008) for Best Musical Revival and the Theatre Goers’ Choice Award, The Magic Flute is played in a township setting, encompassing the various languages of the nation including English.

From the creator of the 2002 Festival smash-hit, The Mysteries, Mark Dornford-May’s production is faithful to the story and score of Mozart's opera, wonderfully re-imagined with marimbas, drums and township percussion.“Packing enough energy to power a couple of national grids, and enough decibels to lift several roofs... exhilarating and vibrant.” The Times

We Feel...Blasting the cobwebs off a great operatic classic, this South African version of The Magic Flute is likely to be the best night out during the entire Festival!


Terri said...

Swan Lake? Where's swan lake? In case u didn't know, I'm a massive ballet fan and that's my favourite of all. Off to google to find it now...

Rose said...

Hi Terri, You probably found it by now it is on at the Gaiety, if you can't get a decent seat just buy what every you can and then join us in the box, I am sure we can squeeze another chair in!