Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat ...

Do we teach our kids to beg from a very young age? Emily was so excited about going trick or treating, we also done the house up this year and I bought loads of sweets for the kids who would come to our house as well. D really got into the spirit of things and put on his costume in the hope of trying to frighten some trick or treaters, but most of the kids just shook their heads and as they walked away muttered something about the weird guy under their breath.

Well it must have been the coldest night of the year, but at least it wasn't wet, so Em and I trekked around the neighbour hood. I taught her to look for the houses that had their lights on and also those with decorations, if the house was in darkness or only one small light on, then you knew there would be no treats there. Well Em had two small bags and I had another and I tell you something, the generosity is something else - after about 15 houses the bags were full. We noticed the kids that came to our house had huge sacks, but "HELLO!" how much can one kid eat? I ask you!

It was actually amazing most people who are in the spirit of things are really friendly and some houses really go OTT with decorations, the best one we saw was a house up the road, that was dark and full of bushes and inbetween there was a tombstone with all kinds of messages around, and Em was not one bit frightened at all. But by 7 o'clock she was tired and cold and just wanted to go home, so we did but it was a good halloween.

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