Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Dinner Party ...

I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning and they were talking about a dinner party, if you could invite any 10 people in the whole world to your dinner party who would they be and why...

Well I will probably start this post but finish it tomorrow, my choice would be:

Brad & Angelina
Bruce Springsteen
Nelson Mandela
Michelle Pfeiffer
Robert DeNiro
Prince William
Julia Roberts

This may change ... it would be a whole different ball game if I could include "dead" people as well!

So here is the Why?

Brad & Angelina, they look like such a fun couple they are Americas Royal couple, I would love to just chat to them about their kids and their plans for the future. I think Brad could be really mischievous and add some fun to the dinner party.

Bono is the person that everyone wants to meet, I would love to find out what he does in his spare time where he hangs out and most of all, what it was like being a teenager in Dublin in the 70's and 80's.

Bruce Springsteen but I really love the mans music and it would be cool to have Bono & Bruce jamming away after dinner when we retire to the lounge.

Nelson Mandela because everyone wants to meet Nelson and he will probably have met everyone at dinner except me, I love to hear his views on the New South Africa and how he sees the situation 20 years from now, what can be done about the crime?

Gwen - Firstly because I have not seen my best friend for almost 2 years and miss her dearly, and how could I have a dinner party with all these celebrities and not invite her, that would just be wrong.

Michelle Pfeiffer & Julia Roberts they are my two favourite actresses and Derrick will need some eye candy and someone to chat to as well.

Robert DeNiro one of my favourite actors, I would love him to do his keep Emily entertained as he is such a big kid himself and just get to know more about him.

Lastly would be Prince William, I would love to ask him what it is like to be a prince? and to be a prince in the 21st Century also his memories of his mother.

Now for the Meal, what am I going to serve?

Wait for the next post ...

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Natalie said...

Sounds like an interesting bunch - think you will have to get the dinner catered, that way you do not have to go to the kitchen...thus avoiding missing out on precious time with your guests!!