Wednesday, November 12, 2008

U2 could know someone who knows Bono

I haven't bought the Dubliner magazine in a while, but yesterday when I went to the doctor - Emily and I stopped in at the Cafe next door and it was at the counter staring at me so I bought it. While waiting to see the Doc, I browsed through the magazine and came across an article called: "The greatest Dubliners" as voted by you, and of course number 6. was Bono.I had to laugh because I had told Natalie this story on Sunday, but the reason why I laughed is because the write up about Bono had this to say: "When people find out that you are Irish or from Ireland they mention Bono and if we're sober we respond with a pinched smile, as if to say - Ah, yes, the little chap in the boots, I do wish he'd stop calling. If we're drunk we launch into a well rehearsed anecdote that bears almost no relation to the truth, went to school with him, next door neighbour, Stole my cowboy hat!"

So here is the story about Paul Hewson and U2, Emily was invited to a birthday party on Saturday, one of the school kids in her class. The party was close to town where I never even knew houses existed, so we went to drop her off, when M opened the door of her Georgian house it revealed white marbled tiles, I so wanted to be invited in, but did not insist. Then on the way home I called D to see if he was still at Mouse watching the soccer, if so he could pick up Em, but he was at home but said he would fetch her anyway.

So later off he went to pick up Em and came home to tell me all about the house, he was invited in and on the wall were some framed U2 records, so D being D not shy says to M, wow where did you get that, so she quizzed D about why he wanted to know and he told her that they are one of his ultimate bands, so M say well B her husband is the security guard for U2 - has his own security company.

Also on the wall he had an electric guitar signed by The edge (who by the way's Aunt worked with me in my last job). He said that Bruce Springsteen had offered B 100K for the guitar and he turned it down - so now we know somebody who knows or has met Bruce Springsteen too!!!

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Monsoon said...

No way, that is way cool!! A real pity you didn't go in, for sure!!

I have a little story too: When I lived in Ireland, Celbridge that is, I got to know a woman called Eilish. She was my "Irish ma's" best friend. Her ma, Mrs Moroney was a retired teacher, and her last job was in Mountjoy/Mount Temple Comprehensive School, where Bono and the rest of them went. Not just that; Mrs Moroney became Bono's "adoptoive ma", after his own died in 1974, when he was 14. She showed me lots of photos of Bono and her, and also one special one of them together just a year ago att he time (1994). Bono had visited her in the hospital. She even had a drawing he had done to her... *SIGH*