Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm an Alien ...

In fact I have never before felt more like an Alien than I do now.

I didn't want to blog about it, I really really didn't but I am just so angry and so sick to death of all the legal f*n s*&t that I need to vent my anger somewhere, and I am not going to vent it on Em or D so I guess I am just going to have to blog about it, thank goodness there are not too many people who read this blog !!!

So here goes! My whole life turned upside down last year, my new boss was in the process of getting rid of all the old staff, little did I know he had a list and unless you bowed down kissed his FAT ass and brown nosed him, your days were numbered. So lots of stress and victimisation I eventually left. However as most of you know if I was going to leave, we had to buy a house right then, who was to know the World was going to go into an Economic Meltdown and the housing market on this God forsaken Island was going to crash! But we were in it for the long term.

You see when Em started school decisions had to be made and one of those was "should we stay or should we go", our applications for citizenship had been sent into one of those government departments in July 2006, yes people 2006 almost 3 F*&ckn years ago!

Anyway we moved into our house, bought new furniture, unpacked all our boxes of stuff that we had shipped over in 2007. We took our annual summer vacation with D's parents and while I was away I was offered a job on condition I would be self employed. So I do all the legal stuff, open a company, apply for a VAT number, get myself and accountant, get all the right paper work out the way and start consulting. This is September 2008. My work visa is valid for another year and besides, when D goes to renew his I will go with him and sort out mine.

So April 2009 arrives and D had to go and renew his visa down at immigration, I go with and tell them my story, only to be told that I am NOT allowed to be self employed and have to seek permission from the minister of justice. Many tears and frustration later, a 3 page letter with every document I can find, get attached and I send it off to the Minister of Justice. The guy down at immigration told me that it would take a couple of months.

Today I arrive home and I am sitting down to check my mail, the doorbell rings and outside stands my lovely neighbor Colin with an official looking envelope that he had signed for. I thank him and wonder what it is, only to open and find a letter from the Justice department telling me that in order to be self employed I have to fill the following criteria:
  • Before submitting an application form you should ensure that you can meet the following criteria;-

  • the proposed business must result in the transfer to the State of capital in the minimum sum of €300,000;
  • the proposed business must create employment for at least two EEA nationals for a new project or, at the very least, maintain employment in an existing business;
  • the proposed business must add to the commercial activity and competitiveness of the State;
  • the proposed business must be a viable trading concern and provide the applicant with sufficient income to maintain and accommodate themselves and any dependants without resorting to social assistance or paid employment for which a work permit would be required;
  • The applicant must be in possession of a valid passport or national identity document and be of good character.
You must also submit –
  • Your valid passport or national identity document;

  • Your registration certificate if you are already residing in the State;
  • A statement of character from the police authorities of each country in which you have resided for more than six months during the 10 year period prior to your making an application;
  • Business plan which addresses points (1) to (5) above. This business plan must be endorsed by a firm of accountants or a financial institution involved in venture capital.
    You must provide detailed proof of your own skills levels to undertake such a business including, where applicable, academic qualifications in the particular field, details of apprenticeships, evidence of previous business experience, all qualifications relevant to the proposed business and general experience.
  • References from former employers.
  • Original documentations clearly showing the capital available for such a venture
  • Details of where the business will operate from, including layout specification and lease/rental plans.
Failure to meet any of the points set out above will result in the application being refused.

Even if I want to be self employed I need to submit all of the above, not sure about the 300K, but who knows. And in any case if I had 300 Feking K, I would put it on our Mortgage and I would not have to work!!!

The nice man who wrote the letter from the Immigration department suggests I have my application for citizenship expedited or else find a job with an employer and get my visa renewed for another 2 years, that way I am less restricted as well, as if I am self employed I go from being a STAMP 4 to a STAMP 1, yes my fellow readers this is what my life has become ... A number on a file at the immigration department and a Stamp!!!

How come it only takes 5 years in the UK to become a Citizen and 3 years in Australia, we have been here for 8 F*&K*&g long years in this cr*p&y weather and nothing ..., we have paid our dues, our taxes been taxed to death and there is more to come and still nothing!!!

I have so much more to say, but for now I rest my case and pray that things will work out!

I am surprised I have not had a heart attack! Other alternative, get a quick SA do it your self divorce and marry and Irish citizen, hmmm don't want to do that so what next!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry but you no longer qualify as an alien. With all those F's in exactly the right place, how could they ever deny the fact of your true irishness. The moan about the weather really sealed the deal for me. The issue is your are been upfront and honest and you are confussing the F out of them. :-) Take your lead from the banks.

That is just trash, will give you a buzz tommorrow and remember you have the luck of the REDs on your side

The "L"

Rose said...

Who are the RED's pray tell?