Monday, April 21, 2008

Poison Pen

I was surfing the net yesterday and came across this website "Poison Pen" where you can send an anonymous card to anyone in the world, they post it for you so that the sender has no idea of where it comes from - Guess I won't be sending any now, but I did find some superb ones that I would have loved to send my ex-boss! (No I DON'T hold a grudge).

These are the one's I would send to the old Geyser:

6101 You are cordially invited to… EAT SHIT AND DIE!
6103 Just a note to let you know… you have an enemy out there.
6104 Just a note to let you know… you owe me an apology.
6106 Thank you for the job interview… ASSHOLE
6107 Congratulations… funny how shit rises to the top.
6114 Sorry to hear you're sick… but we always knew that!
6115 Words fail me… (MIDDLE FINGER GRAPHIC)
6117 You need a vacation… Go to hell!
6121 Fuck off! I feel much better now.
6140 Life's a bitch… and so are you.
6141 You are what you eat… Asshole.
6144 Dear… SHITHEAD
6156 You’re at the top of my list… The shit list.

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