Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Great Tool Shed Robbery ...

So yes we were burgled here in Dublin, Ireland ... and so we discover there is crime everywhere in the world. However, let me tell you the whole story...

On Tuesday night, D and I went up to bed at about 12:30, Emily for some reason was awake and almost gave D a heart attack when he went into her room to check on her, she was apparently sitting in her bed and when he walked in she said BOO! ;).

I climbed into bed and my head did not even touch the pillow and I was asleep, D put E back to sleep and then came to bed.

The next day as normal I went off to work, picked up Em from school at about 2:00, I think we went off to M&S to buy veggies and then came home. Em was outside and I went outside and the tool shed door was open, so I moaned at her and said she had better close it - to which she replied but I did not open it. So I went to the shed and closed the door, nothing seemed odd however I did have a feeling that someone had been in there.

When D came home I asked him if he had left it open and he of course said he doesn't know but he might have, now the shed does not have a lock on it. He went and had a look, and a while later discovered that his edge trimmer was missing. He went next door to ask them if they knew anything. WELL this is where the story starts ...

Apparently there were two of them, at about 1:30 a.m. they hopped over the neighbors wall on our left and into our yard from the green behind us. The neighbor on the right of us heard his dog howling, he thought something was not right, so went over to the back bedroom in his house and switch on the spotlight, there were two guys in our shed, so he called the cops.

Three cop cars made there way to our Estate and one pulled into our driveway, they sent a helicopter which was hovering over our house and shining their spot down over our house. Our windows were open, the Guards (police) rang our doorbell about 10 times and knocked, but nothing... we slept through the whole ordeal.

The next morning our neighbor took his dog and went scouring round the back, he found our Edge trimmer and some other tools, later that evening D went back with the neighbor and found some more stuff, so we think we have recovered everything they took. The shed now has a BIG padlock on it to stop further break in's.

We were chatting about it and it is so sad that in SA you can't get a cop to come out when there is a murder or high jacking, and here they send 3 cop cars and a helicopter for a robbery in our shed.

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