Saturday, November 21, 2009


I just had this weird thought, Em is doing an auditon tomorrow at her Drama school for the play that is being held in May next year, but what if 10 or 11 years from now she is auditioning for the X Factor .... Anyway she has chosen to sing her song that the I taught her when she was little and used to sing in the bath when she was 2 and she has loved it ever since, here is a video of her singing it when she was 2:

and here is how she will sing it tomorrow ... hopefully


Monsoon said...

I totally adore Annie! I've seen that film so many times. And tomorrow is a lovely touching song. I can't see the song by Emily, but I am sure it is just wonderful. She is just a beautiful child that one! And from what I can see from afar; a beautiful person too.

Love to you all xxx

Rose said...

Thanks Monsoon, I must check out why you can't view the other one, may have been marked as Private on YouTube.