Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A whole new "World"

I don't know how to blog this without sounding like well a snob I suppose in one way, my project takes me to my client who is on the "North Side", now in Dublin the north side is anything North of the Liffey. Although I have been working on the North side since last September, this is the first time I have actually come face to face with real northsiders. Luckily I don't see too many in the morning when I am rushing in to the client, but happen to bump into them on my way back at 2:00 PM in the afternoon.

I am gob smacked regularly, where are where are the fashion police, yesterday while walking down to my car which I park at the Parnell street Car park, there was a woman who must have been close to 60, twiggy build, dark hair, weathered face from cigarettes and drink wearing Silver high heeled mini boots, black tights with a mini skirt and a Silver and black sergeant pepper style jacket.

It gets quite scary because I often think I must stand out because I am dressed like a normal person, do I look like a “South sider”? Then today walking past the new Tesco in Parnell street, a rather largish lady was walking in front of me, again she must have been in her 50’s or 60’s and she was wearing glittery, lycra tights, with a short jumper, which just met the tights and runners, of course the tights left nothing to the imagination.

Do these people not own a mirror? I practically run to my car each afternoon, and when my boss tells me I don’t have to go to the client, it is like heaven to my ears! Then I wonder how D has managed to work round there for the last 8 years, leave me on the South side please.

D asked me if I had seen the ladies walking around in their night gowns yet, now I must say I actually saw that on the southside once ...  I have never proffesed to be the best dressed woman in the world, but I could probably quite easily make a living teaching northsiders how to dress, help Trinny and Suzanne we need a "What NOT to wear" event staged around Parnell street.

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Terri said...

hahaha I do remember and yes, the fashion police are conspicuously absent in that part of town!