Sunday, December 13, 2009

Real or Fake

I was tossing between whether to have a real tree this year or a fake one, I eventually decided on fake and was all set to go and buy a new one, as the only one we have is a 4ft little tree we brought over from SA, which D & I bought the first year we got married, we paid a huge amount of  R209 for.  

So this week they were advertising 20% off at woodies on all Christmas trees and 50% of decorations, so after the grocery shop I swung past there only to discover that 20% of €250 still means we end up paying €200 for a tree, there were others for round €69 but they had hardly any branches.  

I eventually gave up looking and after getting a few decorations came home, I decided our little 4ft tree from SA on top of the coffee table would look almost 7ft anyway, so we took it out of the cupboard dusted it off and put it up.

New decorations
I try and collect most of my Christmas tree decorations form different countries, I don't believe in having a perfect tree where all the decorations match, our have weird and wonderful ones.  This year not acquiring any from our travels, I did pick up some at woodies, a pair of matching Manchester United glass bauble type things, a post box, 2 letters, some new Santies, Cinderella for Emily and a few others.

Some of my old ones are the ones we bought in New York at Christmas in 2007, Santa climbing up the Empire state building, and up the statue of liberty and of course the yellow cab.  Oh and the Angel at the top of our tree we bought at the Christmas market in Brussells in December 2002, just some of my favourites.

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