Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Big Freeze

What is normally a 20 minute journey from home to work and vice versa, took me over 3 hours today. I tried to leave work at 2 to fetch Emily, but the exit out of the Industrial estate was blocked with cars, I eventually left at about 3, after taking me 45 minutes just to leave the estate, I then took a detour which may not have been such a wise move.

I eventually turned off my detour and went back to join the M50, which flowed with ease until the Dundrum / Sandyford off ramp, which then crawled all the way to my off ramp, the worst is there is no other off ramp between the two so I just had to sit. I eventually walked through the door at just past 6 PM, luckily D had gone to fetch Emily, and it took him a total of 4 hours to get home.

I was actually quite frightened at one stage, my car was spinning on the ice, my heater decided to start blasting out cold air, I needed the loo, some skangers started pelting my car with snow balls which sounded like the windows were going to break, oh and to top it all my battery on my mobile phone had died. I felt really venerable in the situation and became quite emotional that I was away from my loved ones.

So tomorrow I am not going to work, not quite sure how bad the roads will be but we will take each moment as it presents itself. But for now I am off to my nice warm bed.

One thing is for certain, people behave odd when the weather is not normal, they forget how to drive, they get stressed.

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Terri said...

Oh man, am I ever glad I'm not still biking in to work in that weather..!

Great pics, thanks Rose. I've been hearing all about the wicked white stuff you've been getting over there; it's nice to see the photos.