Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black Ice NOT by ACDC

You would think, after all, that a country like Ireland would be geared for the weather, but no when it rains people don't know how to drive, when it snows the same goes, and when there is black ice well let me say no more.

I left an extra 15 minutes earlier this morning because I heard on the radio that there was black ice (Lisa's Black taxi driver quizzed her the other day about, why do they call it "Black" ice) anyway to get back to my story, I headed towards the M50 but the queue was already backed up close to our estate and I just knew from what they were saying on the Radio that it would be 2 hours before I got to work, if not longer.

So I turned around and headed toward Dundrum and Sandyford, going up the hill towards the back of Marley Park (the front was too backed up), there was still almost a foot of snow up the road - it has snowed again on Tuesday night in the Sandyford and Glencullin area (Johnny foxes) but nothing down by us. So it was pretty easy going up the road and when going past Marlay you basically drive alongside the M50, well everything had narrowed down to 1 lane there were, blue lights and a few bumper bashings.

The road sailed pretty smoothly for me and I was eventually on the M50 South without a problem, except I wasn't doing my normally 120km's an hour but sticking to 80km's because you could see the build up of black ice if you looked carefully and a few skid marks where cars had skidded. I got to my exit in about 20 minutes which was backed up and then of course it was another 20 minutes before I got to the office (only 2 km's form there). But I was pretty proud of myself for not joining the "commuter chaos". Needless to say I was the only one at work by 08:30 and remembered all the alarm codes this time, and most people only got into work by 10 o'clock by no fault of theirs. Val who comes from Naas and normally travels an hour to work, took 3 hours to get to the office, so I think I may take my route again tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that yesterday we went to the Glenview Hotel in Bray for lunch and the snow was also very thick there, this time I did not have my camera to take pictures. Today driving to Bray the "sugarloaf" mountain actually resembled the Matterhorn in Switzerland it looked so beautiful, however I couldn't stop and take photos. In some parts of the Wicklow mountains the snow is 7ft deep, so I am hoping to get some photos on the week-end if the snow is still there.

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SA Expats said...

Lol! I'll go crazy in the snow, yet it is so beautiful. :)