Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If you're Irish

I thought I would start this post of with a song, are you all ready now, sing along ....

If you're Irish come into the parlour

There's a welcome there for you
If your name is Timothy or Pat
So long as you come from Ireland
There's a welcome on the mat
If You come from the Mountains of Mourne
Or Killarney's lakes so blue
We'll sing you a song and we'll make a fuss
Whoever you are you are one of us
If you're Irish, this is the place for you

I arrived home yesterday and there waiting was a slip to collect a registered letter from the post office for both D and I.  I hopped straight back in the car and went to collect it, thinking could it finally be or just another request for more documentation, but there it was finally after more than three and a half years, finally our certificates of citizenship had arrived.   And all very posh I might add, lamenated and beautiful written in IRISH, so we can't understand a bloody word of it, I guess Em will have to translate for us as soon as she starts learning to read Irish, she already gets an A for Irish and she is only 6.

So after all my stress over the past few years, once we apply for our Irish passports we no longer need a visa to visit most countries in the Northern Hemisphere, what a relief.  Now can we win the lotto so that we can go travelling again!   I guess we can now avail of those cheap Ryan air flights, when they are not grounded due to strike action, ah well Europe here we come!

We did not have to give up our South African citizenship as we applied to the South African High Commission to hold dual citizenship which was granted, so our blood is still very much South African for those of you who think we have foresaken our land and country of our birth.

I still have to do a post on everything we have been through to get these certificates which will have to wait a while. 

By the way we have changed our names you can now refer to us as Róisin and Daragh!


Terri said...

Congratulations, Róisin & Daragh! I know only too well how much of a schlep it can be to get to the point that you have finally reached.
Consider your Irish ass kissed :-)

Rose said...

Thanks Terri, it has been hard work and I have a file full of correspondance, now to get that passport!