Monday, February 22, 2010

As week-ends go ...

So I finished up work on Thursday and no sooner was I socialising, Kelly came round for tea on Friday morning, and after she left I started the chores I would normally reserve for the week-end, shopping, washing etc. Luckily Em was at the after school centre for the midterm break, so I could get things done.

Saturday D took her off to Drama, she has her 3rd speech and dram exam on the 14th of March, it's quite a big deal because the examiners come in from the Irish examination board to listen to them and then mark them. So after she got home and had lunch we all went off to Marley park, where she met up with her "boyfriend" Sonny, and then to Joe & Carla for a wonderful curry dinner as a Thank you for helping them move at the end of January.

Sunday we awoke to a dusting of snow on the ground and cars, but loads of snow on the mountains. D had to go to work, so Em and I headed over to Nutgrove as she wanted to buy a sword with her few pennies at the Euro Saver store. We then went to pick up a well deserved cappuccino for mom and then went to Eddie Rockets so Em could have a milk shake, after that we walked the drinks off along the canal.

It was bitterly cold but the walk warmed us up, on our walk we found two memorials set up for different people who had drowned in the canal, quite sad. Since we moved to Ireland 9 years ago, there have been a number of deaths in the canal, mainly guys walking home from the pub who have been drinking and fall in. As we walked down the canal, we came across a derelict building that said "Murphys Undertakers" and I wondered if the undertakers were there specifically because lots of people drowned in the canal at one stage?

Further down is a bridge I drive over often, I really didn't realise how old the bridge is, and hopefully it doesn't get washed away in the next storm we have. Then it was home to get Em ready for going back to school on Monday.

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