Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Adventures

Em is at an Art in Action Spring break camp this week, D drops her off early in the morning and then she doesn't get picked up till after 5 pm.  They are having so many great activities, yesterday the went to a nearby beach to pick up shells, they are making photo frames, they also had to take in cereal boxes and toilet roll holders and stuff to build a robot.  Emily had such fun yesterday she was so hyped when she go home, she also wolfed down her dinner, veggies and all that she would normally pick on.

Today the went to the park and made pancakes in the afternoon, the rest of the week includes, baking, a visit to the Library, movies a party, photography, oh and making tie dye T-shirts.  With all the activity I so wish I was a kid again.

With her being at the camp I also get a few hours after work to myself, so today I had made an appointment at the beautician and hairdress for 4 o'clock.  So what to do with my time before that, well I took a drive into Greystones and what a lovely drive, I am dying to take Em and D, as you go down the hill into Greystones the view of the Bay and the sea is absolutely beautiful, especially today because it was sunny.  My car then got a wash and I even managed to grab a coffee at Ina's before heading off to the Hairdressers.

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