Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We got it ...

We finally received our brand spanking new Irish passports, whilst sitting at the computer yesterday, the post flap on the door opened and 2 big brown envelopes fell to the floor, I looked over my shoulder to see what was there and said to myself could it be, no ... yes ... you see, I had taken them in on the 10th of Feb and the lady said to me they would be ready on the 23rd if I wanted to fetch them, or should they post them, I said post.  Then after I finished my contract last week, I wished I had said yes I will pick them up because now they would probably take and extra month to get to us.  But lone behold, they were obviously ready on the 23rd, posted out and arrived the morning of the 24th.

So in order to initiate them and make sure they work properly, we have booked a short break to Sicily at the end of March, should be fun!

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Gogga said...

It is such a great feeling when those little books are in your hands.
My first trip on my new maroon book was to France for the day just to make sure.