Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whitney Houston ... Disaster

D got tickets last year July I think for Whitney Houston, I haven't really been a great fan of hers but of course I know all her hits, and after seeing Tina Turner I thought it may be good.  I was impressed on Friday by the news that she had come over to Ireland on the ferry (or fairy as she called it), due to all aircraft being grounded due to the Volcano in Iceland.  I had not heard any reports on her previous concerts, so went with an open mind.

We had good seats, Block B row 24 seats 78 and 79 so a good view of the stage.  When she first came on stage you could hardly understand a word she was saying, she was mumbling, she sang one song and then change from the strapped on mike to a normal mike, maybe that was the problem.  Anyway I don't want to go into too much detail on each song, but overall she sucked, when she was singing "I will always love you", she would take intervals during the song, and with her back to the audience, check her make up, have a drink and who knows what else and then sing another sentence, then do something else.  This also happened in some of her other songs.

To the ladies who were sitting in Row 25, Block B round seats 80 on, I know she was bad but that did not give you the right to get trashed and talk on the top of your voices through the whole show, you ruined the good parts of the show which means I will only remember it has being bad and thinking that there are so many woman with bad breeding in this place, no wonder you had no men with you at the concert, in fact you probably have no men at all!  And what were you all thinking getting up and thinking you were the best dancers on earth and strutting through empty rows dancing, you really should give up drinking and buy a mirror because you looked like total idiots.  And once again thank you for ruining the good bits of the show, I doubt whether I will go to another "Diva" show in Ireland again.

A last thing about Whitney is that her earlier hits that made her famous, like "I will always love you" were actually cover versions, I will always love you was Dolly Parton's song, and "The greatest Love of all" was first sung by George Benson, she did do justice to the songs but they were still never hers to own!

Talking of which I saw George Benson back in 1982 or 1983 at Sun City and he was Brilliant, even got his autograph.


Terri said...

When Whitney came to Brisbane a few weeks back the show got terrible reviews - people were saying they wanted a refund for their ticket price! Sounds like she hasn't improved on her tour. If you do a 'comeback' tour, at least put some effort in, no?

Rose said...