Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Friday - No Where ...

Not sure what happened on Friday, I had not made any suggestions on where to go because it was my birthday and time to relax.  I though D might come up with a suggestion, which he did, we were going to Monreale.  Although it was "Good Friday" it was not a public holiday, although a lot of companies would have closed at lunch time to allow there employees to head home.  We set out towards midday and tried to find Monreale which ended up in disaster, we eventually ended up in the middle of Palermo with peak hour traffic and then just went back to the apartment.

We then went down to the beach in Capaci and then to find a restaurant for dinner, we ended up at this place on the main road, however no one could talk English and waitress rail roaded us into having food that we did not really want (or that I didn't want) and of course it cost us more than our weeks groceries had cost.  I was a bit p*d off, but decided that tomorrow was going to be a better day.

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