Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturday - San Martino delle Scale & Monreale

We found it, well we probably took a route that was a lot further than the one we should have, but the views were spectacular.  We also found this little village San Martino delle Scale, which actually reminded me of Switzerland more than Italy, from the top of the hill you looked down on the Monreale Cathedral which looked amazing.
Monreale is really all about the Cathedral, it is the pinnacle of achievement of Arab-Norman art, and it reminded me of the Alhambra in Spain but of course on a much smaller scale. It was founded in 1172 by William II and a Benedictine monastery was built next to it.  The cathedral is famous for its remarkable interior with the magnificent gold mosaics representing episodes from the old testament.  

We spent most of the day in Monreale and then went back to the apartment to pack, our wonderful week in Sicily had come to an end, but we had to come back as there is just so much more to see. 

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Terri said...

Wow, you really did some good touring there. Reading all this has definitely made me want to go there!
Great photos too.