Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary Honey

Wow, 15 years and we have accomplished so much.  It's hard to think that when I met you, you were a computer operator at the company we were working.  I often used to have to come down to watch the payslips being printed or IRP5's and stuff.  You all had really good manners and I would just sit in the recess room and have coffee brought to me and sit and chat, that was 20 years ago - to think I have known you that long, half my life.

Although we only started dating a year before we married, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.  We both have flaws and the great thing is we don't notice them.  You taught me to appreciate nature and animals, I taught you that the world was a lot bigger than you thought.  And all the distances we have covered in our lives, both together and apart have brought us ever closer together.

I sometimes think I don't deserve you, you go out of your way to buy me special gifts even if I tell you not to buy me anything and always, always hunt for the soppiest card so that I can cry every time I read it, don't you know that tissues cost money :).

You are a wonderful Husband and father and I don't know what I would do without you, I hope the next 15 years will be as awesome and eventful as the past.  I love you very much!


Monsoon said...

As said on FB; Happy anniversay to you both. This post made me weep. You are so lucky to have found such great love, and I am so happy for you. May all your days together be just as great and eventful. You look amazing together. (on photos, as I've never seen you live, but I bet you look even better together live!:-))

Much love xxx

Rose said...

Thank you E, you are so kind and I know you are a lovely person from what I have read on your blog and seen on FB, would love to meet you one day when you eventually come to Ireland or we do a trip to your home country.