Sunday, May 23, 2010

I got a job!

So the news is I got a job, in a way it is very strange how this job came about.  When I finished up with the company I was contracting for in Feb, the MD actually offered me this job, but at a very junior level and my words to him were, "if I am desperate, I might take it".

So for the next three months I tried to get something off the ground with contracting, but nothing was biting so I applied for tons of job, went for a few interviews. A couple of times I wanted to pick up the phone and phone the MD and say, if the job is still going I will take it - but I just couldn't get to put my pride in my pocket and do it.   Then about two weeks ago, I saw that the company advertising, so I sent my CV in just on the chance.  My immediate reaction was, I know I am not going to get the job because the MD had already offered it to me and I had turned it down and also now they probably had hundreds of applicants and I would not make the cut.

However, the lady that was interviewing for the position phoned me and said they were doing first round interviews and because they knew me, they would not ask me to come in for a first interview but would automatically put me in for the second round interviews.  In the meantime I was applying for other jobs as well.  So on Monday the lady phoned me and asked me to come in on the Tuesday, I did not even mention to D I was going for the interview as I just did not want us both to be disappointed, so off I went and when I got there all the guys I used to work with were close to the kitchen / reception area and thought I had just popped in to visit, but I had to be all professional.  It was so cool to see how happy they were to see me.  Anyway I went in for the interview and it went well, they told me they would let me know either way by next Monday.  I didn't really hold too much hope.

Then on Wednesday I had another interview with a personnel agency and Friday another one, but on Thursday night they phoned and offered me the job and their words were, now it is not because the MD has spoken so highly of you, it really is because you have the most experience and you will fit in so well with the team.  I slept on the offer and phoned her back the next day to say I will take the job.

But yet I feel apprehensive and I know it's because our lives are going to change so much now.  Em will be going off to an after school centre, and I won't have the flexibility to pick her up from school and spend the afternoons with her, so I am sad and especially as she is growing up so quickly before my eyes.  I also wish that I could have the summer off to spend with Emily, I was just thinking the other day that if I don't have a job offer soon I am just going to leave it until September.  Then I was thinking about how I could spend the days with Em, but I guess I no longer have to worry about that.

I guess at this point I have to be grateful that I have been offered a job especially with a company I love working for.


Terri said...

Congratulations Rose!
I know that will be a load off your mind.

Rose said...

Thanks Terri, my only Blog reader besides my husband! ;) It is a huge weight off my shoulders, although isn't it the way as soon as I accepted the offer I am getting phone calls every day now. I could have done with another summer off!