Saturday, May 8, 2010

Note to self ...

You got to toughen up girl and stop wearing your heart on your sleeve, the world is never going to treat you the same way that you treat it.  Your expectations of people are way too high, and you get disappointed over and over again.  You are never going to meet true friends again, your opportunities have come and gone and your true friends are the ones you can count on one hand, you know that because your mother used to tell you that over and over and over again.

Stop letting people walk all over you, stop being so generous, stop and remember that the only important people in your life are those that live with you and you don't need anyone else!  Because whoever they are, they are just going to disappoint you time and time again!   Stop being so honest and stop offering to help, because it gets you absolutely no where in life!  You have to toughen up girl and start being ruthless, start playing the same game that everyone else out there is playing.   Remember when people treat you badly you don't need them in your life, you have proved this, you're not the one who will be loosing anything!

STOP and smell the flowers and leave the world to get on with themselves.  You are the luckiest person alive and you need to remember that, you don't need false friends people who are only out to gain something from you, because you know you are generous and kind and not everyone is like that.  Time to get on with the rest of your life girl, and forget about things that aren't important ... remember not important in your life!

Need to remind myself everyday ... NOTE TO SELF

You got to toughen up girl ......

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Terri said...

Ouch. Sounds like someone really did a number on you.
Mind you, this little "Note to Self" could well have been written by me.