Sunday, June 27, 2010

Controversial Vuvuzela's

Was it growing up in South Africa, that I actually don't even notice the noise from the Vuvuzela's, or the fact that I don't really care to much for Soccer anyway!  I seem to remember we never really watched much South African soccer, but the Vuvuzela has always been there. 
 When in conversation about the world cup, and the fact that I am from SA, the topic seems to change immediately to the  Vuvu and how annoying it is etc. etc.  Someone sent me these comic strips today which I thought were quite funny!


Gail said...

Wahahahaha pansies! ... A relationship with a vuvu is a love hate one, you hate them until you own one! :)

Rose said...

Lol, too true Gail - we have 3 now!

Terri said...

hehehe, yep we have the same thing here. "Oh, you're from South Africa. What's with those vuvuzelas?"
I had to Google "vuvuzela" around the start of the world cup 'cos I didn't know what the heck the people were on about LOL!

Rose said...

LOL, I was amazed that there was so much on the internet about Vuvuzelas, but an Irish friend told me on Saturday that it is now in the vocab, and it can be used in such sentences as : "Blow it out your Vuvuzela" or "Up your vuvuzela", guess it is here to stay - Maybe I will stand outside the new Landsdowne road statium in November and sell them at the Springbok vs. Ireland rugby match :)