Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I owe, I owe it's off to work I go ...

So from working half day for the past 2 years, I have suddenly been given a rude awakening into a full day job - with less money than I was earning 9 years ago - but hey I guess sometimes you just have to start at the bottom again!  So yes I am feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment, but that's life and sometimes life sucks big time!  Now if only I could win the lotto!!!

We woke up to really thick fog this morning, made me think of the John Carpenters movie "The Fog", driving down the M50 onto the N11 at times it was so thick you could barely see 100 meters in front of you.  It was pretty eerie seeing this thick fog amongst the beautiful greenery and not seeing the beautiful view of the beach that I would normally see on my journey.   By lunch time it had slightly lifted, and even driving home this evening at 6:00 PM it was still hanging around, maybe it will be gone tomorrow.
So to get back to work, I pulled out all the stops and wore my best interview dress for first day on the job, and I should have known - I looked a bit out of place.  My boss was wearing Combat pants, a T-shirt and docs, but now you have to picture this (I wanted to take a picture of him with my mobile but thought I better not).  I have known "G" for a while now, when I first met him I was working alongside him on a project, he is a red head the viking red and had a bit of a bok baard.  As the months rolled on the bok got longer and longer - "G" is probably about 6ft5" so here I am all dressed up to the nines for my first day at work reporting to a Giant viking Rumpelstiltskin - his head is shaved, but his red / grey beard is now about a foot long and I am not lying it could be longer than a foot - So put the picture in your head, Tall, Skinny, shaved head, foot long red / grey beard, combat pants, T-shirt and docs and this is my boss!  My contract says and I quote : "We pride ourselves on being a professional company and therefore require you to carry this through to a neat dress code at all times, thereby mirroring our professionalism in all areas"  

There ain't nothing neat about the way he was dressed!  So I reckon I can get away with wearing Jeans to work every day of my life without a problem, because the minute they say something about my dress I may just have to say something about theirs!

I spent the morning in a training session with Rumple Rambo (wait I think he is actually doing a "ZZ Top" impersonation - because his beard looks exactly like this) and then the afternoon going through the system on my own and by 4 o'clock I was bored, not sure if that is a good thing.  I was waiting for 05:30 to leave and it seemed to stay 4:29 for a very very long time.

I rushed off to the Gym to do aqua aerobics only to find I had the wrong day, enjoyed the swim and sauna anyway.

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