Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sunny Days

Em and I caught the LUAS in to Dublin to meet Bob & Damo, so we had a nice casual time, stopping off at the Green to feed the ducks, then off to Eddie Rockets for her Milk Shake and then a late lunch with the boys.  We left them at about 7:00 pm and strolled back up to the green, when we got there, there was a young boy who could not have been more than 15 at the most playing the most wonderful piano concerto's.  I recorded them on my mobile phone so must see if I can download.

Wait till I eventually get my new camera, I will be able to record anything!


Monsoon said...

I get all choked up every time you write about Dublin, and also show pictures... Dublin is the number one city of my heart. I think it always will be. I remember children singing and playing in Grafton Street, from when I lived round there as well. Talented they were. Em is looking stunning in her dress! And I get even more choked up when I hear the word Eddie Rockets. Kill me now!! I LOVE that food. Bacon and cheese fries please. And those gigantic ice cream sundaes. *doing some serious swooning and drooling* Looks like you had great day! I am glad you did.

Love xxx

Rose said...

Ah Monsoon, you so need to come back. Yesterday they had a Gay parade with a Zombie march, it was so weird seeing all these people dressed up as Zombies, I so missed a photo opportunity!

Terri said...

LOL! I had the same reaction when you mentioned Eddie Rockets... I was really partial to their garlic mayo & cheese fries... mmmmmmmmmm!
I love it when you post photos of Dublin. I think I might be beginning to hate it less and less, the more time that passes. Soon only fond memories will remain, eh?

Rose said...

Oh you guys, you must see Eddie Rockets have changed their menu and they do have some really nice things, although I try not to eat there. Mainly only go because Em and Hubby love the Milkshakes, but they have a website just in case you want to drool over the old favorites! Terri, I have that Love / hate relationship with Dublin, but I guess maybe because we live close to the city but yet are on the border of the country it is not so bad - just get annoyed when I am exploited but I will leave that for another post.