Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Jislaaik, ever since I read the ol' slang from the home town I have soooo wanted to write a post in my own slang.  Jees I can't remember the laas time I did speek like this, probably the time I was ripping off my ex brother in-law for the way he spokes English. He was pretty Dof too.  Anyways bokke let me tune you what is happening in our little world.

Well we are having our annual braai, for all the old Irish peoples, you check every year since Trish bought her new digs we have been having a braai at her house and every year D ends up doing the braaing.  So this year I decided well lets have it at ours, so we invited all the China's and they are going to pitch up at about 3 bells on Saturday arvie!  Somma a bring and braai, jou dop and jou chop.  Guess I'll be making most of the salads although most of them are not big salad eaters so will just do a small one.

You know whenever we had a braai back home, I always used to drink "spoeg & diesel" or Brandy & Coke as they say in English, but hell since the old age has kicked in, I really hate waking up with a babelaas, so I don't think we will be partaking, besides we have to go and see the old folks on Sunday and can't pitch up with a barbie!

Anyways, most of the people whos all coming to the braai are peoples I worked with at the "Society", the one Damo who is always big mouth about these events, went and double booked his day, ja well no fine so I told him in no uncertain words that he had better come else he will get moered stukkend, so I guess he is only showing his face but that is fine, can moer him later.

I think Saturday night will be quite a Jol, it won't be a mad party as most of the folks with kids are coming, and D has ordered some lekker boerewors from the butcher in town, so it will feel a bit like back home.  And with the kids running around there won't be any dagga or anything like that, it should be all pretty civilized, will curb the drinking a bit too, except possibly for those single characters who maybe putting them back.

Yissis I am really moeg now so this post is becoming a bit difficult to write, especially as I have to keep referring to my slang list, gone are those days where I's could just roll them off the tongue like it was my mother language, now I have all the Irish slang tucked up in this kop, you know like yissis we would say bejaysus.   One thing the Irish do have in common wif the Souf Effrikens is the term ewes, do ewes know where you are going?  Hey ewes oakes, except they don't use oakes.

Anyways like I said I is lekker moeg, had a day of driving and walking all over the dorpie, so I am going to hit the sack, but look out for my next "blast from the past" post using our long lost Souf Effriken terminology to boot!

Nightie Night.

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Skryfblok said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

What a fun post this was. I'm all nostalgic now.