Thursday, July 22, 2010

New kid on the block

I'm the NEWBIE as J.D. would have called me in scrubs.  This sign should say Welcome Newbie, handle with care!

I really hate being the new kid on the block, I have had the F*cking worst week of my life at work.  The senior lady is out, so there was only Mr T. and I in the office, then someone called and said they had been waiting 15 minutes for someone to answer the phone.  So I went to the big Boss and said put me on calls, I can handle it, I mean there is nothing like being thrown in the deep end to learn.  But ... besides not understanding half of these peoples accents (all corners of Oireland I tell you), when I ask Mr T. to help me, he gives me attitude.

By Tuesday evening I was ready to throw the Towel at Mr T., at 17:30 on the dot, I stormed out of there and the next day dragged my sorry ass back in at 9:00 a.m., Missy D could see how upset I was and told me to go and speak to the big "D", so I toyed with it all day and decided I would stay late and then go and chat to him, I had spent the day ignoring Mr T. and the other dude.  But it turned out that Mr T. stayed late too, he must have had a premonition or something.  Then today he's as sweet as honey to me, F%ck he is worse than a woman with PMS, so now what to do - then I had some B*tch phone with a query and start shouting down the phone at me, and Mr T. and dude were all so nice to me.  Turned out the itch didn't know what she was talking about.

Then spent the afternoon with the big "D" sitting at my desk because of a crisis, which unfolded because another itch went on the war path, I am starting to wonder if I will ever cope in this job ... I hate being the new kid on the block especially when these kids know more than I do ... but only for the moment!

Got to get myself one of these ->>>>>>>>>

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