Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beautiful Dublin

 Just when I think that I have seen all the stunning views in Dublin, I stumble across more.  We found the Stella Maris rowing club today where the TV crew from Germany interviewed Irene and myself for a program.  It was stunning to say the least and we had perfect whether, I got a brilliant shot of a typical Irish fisherman putting a boat out, anyway you have a look and be the judge.


Monsoon said...

Dublin is a stunning city. It really is. Nothing will ever beat it, in my opinion. There's something about the atmosphere, as well as a load of great buildings, parks and stuff, and let's not forget its people.

Is that "The Point" we see in the first picture? Kinda looks like it. I was at a Cranberries concert there back in 1995... Lovely photos, and lucky you who live there! I WILL be coming to Ireland and Celbridge/Dublin early next year, so I'd love to say hi to you as well, if you're up for it. :-)

What was the interview for Rose? Oooh, are you a celeb!?

Love xxx

Ps, my word verification is a place in Dublin actually; Tallaght... *lol*

Rose said...

Hi Monsoon, I would love to meet up with you, will give you my contact details on Facebook. Yes that is "The Point" which has been revamped and is called the O2 now, the seating is so much better and so is the sound. I have been to about 3 or 4 concerts there already and it is amazing, my hubby is actually there tonight seeing Santana. Regarding the celeb, see my blog!

Thanks for the comments!


Terri said...

Wow, yes it really is pretty on a beautiful day like that. LOVE the photos of the fishermen!

Rose said...

Thanks Terri, he actually looked out of place there, he should have been on the west coast of Ireland, but you could see he frequents Ned's pub at 7 in the morning :).